Jakarta – Online taxi driver Aldy Erlangga (19) robbed the employee of the bank, Mega Anisa (27), at the Toll Gate Cileunyi, Wednesday (17/1) night. Head of Uber Indonesia Public Relations Dian Safitri regrets the robbery.

“The incident is very unfortunate, we have been in touch and working with law enforcement officers in the process of running investigations,” Dian told AFP on Friday (19/1/2018) night.

In this case, the victim Mega Anisa ordered an online taxi from Setiabudhi with the aim of Buahbatu, Bandung. However, on the way, the victim Mega Anisa instead mugged a knife and handcuffed.

“I was originally a normal message, suddenly like that, I was mugged with the same handcuff knife, the goods were taken,” said Mega at Mapolrestabes Bandung, Jalan Jawa, Bandung on Friday (19/1).

Mega was mugged and handcuffed before an online taxi car entered the Pasteur Toll Gate. Even Mega was taken away from her destination to Cileunyi. During the trip, Mega could not move because the handcuffs still tied her arm.

Luckily, while at the Cileunyi Toll Gate, the car line up to pay for e-toll. The opportunity was used Mega to escape.

Less than 24 hours, the police managed to capture the perpetrator Aldy Erlangga at his residence. West Java Police Chief Inspector General Budi Maryoto said the case is purely robbery against the background of economic needs. Doing perpetrators rob because the cost of everyday kepepet.

“The motive is economic needs,” said Agung.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator Aldy Erlangga claimed to have targeted the victim’s mobile phone during the trip. The victim was holding a gold iPhone Plus brand phone.

“I just want to go home, there’s no intention, but look at the HP,” said Aldy.

Aldy states always carrying a machete and handcuffs while driving a car. The goal is to keep him from committing crimes, but instead he uses them to rob the victim.

During this incident, Aldy pointed the sharp weapon to the victim’s neck. Even the tip of the machete attached to Mega’s neck.

Not only that, Aldy also ask forcibly for the victim to wear iron handcuffs. Because he can not wear it, Aldy helped to pair.

Aldy admitted there was no intention to do the action. In fact he also claimed the machete and handcuffs are not prepared intentionally.

“It’s just in case, it’s like being taken (sharp and handcuffs) in my house,” said Aldy.

Uber Sayangkan Online Taxi Driver Rampok Karyawati BankFoto: Dony Indra Ramadhan / detikcom

Aldy also admitted there was no intention to bring the victim blurred. But because of panic, Aldy brought the victim to Cileunyi.

“I was going to descend on Cileunyi,” he said.

Aldy admitted sadisnya action backed by economic needs. The phone that he took from Mega is also planned to be sold.

“Earnings for this less than Uber only Rp 3 million a month,” said Aldy.

From interrogation investigator Satreskrim Polrestabes Bandung, Aldy admitted using account belongs to someone else. He reasoned that his account had been blocked by Uber.

“Yes, his account has been blocked from his company,” said Kapolrestabes Bandung Kombes Hendro Pandowo in Mapolrestabes Bandung.
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