, Jakarta – Uber continues to strengthen its services with a new range of features for driver safety while driving.

This time, the online transport service provider presents three special features for UberX and UberBlack service drivers in the Jakarta, Singapore and Bengaluru areas.

These three features, actually already present first as a Uber pilot feature in San Francisco. Only, Uber revealed that they just roll out the feature a few months later.

Why Uber present this feature first in Indonesia, of course, accompanied by reasonable reasons.

The reason, Jakarta is one of the city with the most dense traffic, where there are often accidents that cause severe injuries and death.

In addition, unexpected ‘rogue’ driver actions such as braking and accelerating abruptly are also behaviors that are considered ‘normal’ for some drivers.

Therefore, this security feature is deliberately rolled out specifically for Uber car drivers in Jakarta to be more careful in carrying passengers and performing safe driving standards.

When found by Tekno, Uber Indonesia reveals any security features that can detect the driver of the driver.

Presented by Dorothy Chou, Public Policy from Uber, this feature is Excessive Speeding Notification, Phone Movement and Driving Stats.

“Excessive Speeding Notification is a notification feature that shows the vehicle speed exceeds the specified limit,” Dorothy said in a limited conference call with the media held at Uber Indonesia headquarters, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/9/2016).

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Interestingly, Dorothy revealed that the speed limit listed in the application would be able to adjust the road conditions. So for example, the speed limit on the highway will be very different from the usual speed limit on the road.


Phone Movement & Driving Stats

Meanwhile, Phone Movement is a feature similar to Excessive Speeding Notification. Only, drivers will continue to be reminded via notifications when they hold (or play) a smartphone while driving. The key is the movement of smartphones in the hand that will be detected Uber application.

Meanwhile, features Driving Stats is a system that can record the pattern of the driver when driving. Later, the pattern comes with a benchmark of smooth or not braking so that passengers can be consciously comfortable or not when riding a drive.

Dorothy added, these three unique features are reinforced with accelerometer technology, GPS and gyroscope that is in the smartphone driver. However, because it is still in the testing phase, the feature is not yet certain to take place permanently.

“We are still studying different city driving patterns in each country,” Dorothy continued.

Later, these three features will adapt to the results printed on the ‘field’. In a sense, Uber must still study the pattern and habit of drivers on the streets of the Capital City until finally this feature can function fully in order to optimize safety and comfort driving.