, BATAM – Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the Batam City DPRD, Rohaizat urged the Riau Islands Provincial Government to immediately issue a regulation on online taxis.

That is as a form of derivation of the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 118 of 2018, and also as a solution to the conflict between conventional taxis and online taxis.

“We encourage the Riau Islands Transportation Agency to immediately issue a regulation related to special rental transportation (ASK) for online application-based transportation. The Riau Islands Transportation Agency is currently processing, they don’t want to be careless,” Rohaizat said, Wednesday (01/08/2020).

In fact, he continued, Commission III DPRD Batam city has visited the Riau Islands Transportation Department to ask for clarification related to the development of online application-based taxi licensing in the Riau Islands, especially in Batam.

He admitted that the conventional taxi polemic with online taxis in Batam was the responsibility of the Batam Transportation Agency as well.

Because the licensing of conventional taxis and online taxis is also a recommendation from Batam Transportation Agency.

“Without Batam Transportation Agency’s recommendation, the permit will not be issued by the Riau Islands Transportation Agency. Batam community has the right to choose and want to advance. How Batam wants to grow the tourism sector, to solve conventional taxi problems with online taxis is incapable,” he said.

Because, he continued, rules related to taxis based on online applications, have been regulated by the Ministry of Transportation which must be applied in each region by regional leaders.

“If the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation 118 in 2018 is not implemented in Batam, it means that there should be suspicion of omission so that the transportation polemic in Batam will continue and drag on without a root base. The point is that it requires decisive regional leaders to issue policies,” he explained.

Currently there are around nine companies or business entities that have obtained operational licenses from the Riau Islands Provincial Government.

Then there is agreement about 43 red zone points or prohibited areas.

The total vehicles until now only around 207 fleets.

Based on the fact that the polemic related to online taxi operations in Batam made a number of online taxi managers such as cooperatives or PTs and CVs managing online taxis screaming. One of them is the owner of an online taxi cooperative, Koperasi Patriot, Hendra, who also regrets that there is still an online ban on picking up passengers in public areas such as malls and other places.

“As recently the Mega Mall area manager has allowed us online taxis to come in to pick up passengers inside the mall area at the west entrance. The owner of the area allows it, precisely what prohibits us is conventional taxis.  That’s what we question, why the government has no firmness related to what online taxi operational regulations are, “Hendra said.

He said that regarding the Mega Mall manager’s permit for online taxis not being questioned by conventional taxis. Because conventional taxis are also allowed to stay in the Mega Mall area.

“We already have an official permit from the Mega Mall manager to pick up passengers at the west entrance. “Granting permission to the online taxis by the Mega Mall manager is actually intended to make the visitors comfortable with their choices,” he said.