, California – Autonomous technology starts to widen to public transportation. Lyft, an application-based transportation company in the United States began designing a concept of automatic steering technology for the sake of more efficient travel.

Quoted Businessinsider, Lyft-style online taxi can pick up several passengers from different locations as long as the destination is the same. Nevertheless, Lyft is still not entirely convinced of automated steering technology benefits to the situation during the trip.

“If you ride a car in a robot, and then there’s a stranger in it that’s so weird because you feel as if you’re the host,” says Rob Farmer, Lyft product manager.

Farmer is still considering different comforts if a car contains several passengers who do not know each other. He sees service users should get used to sharing a ride.

“I think it’s a different experience than when you ride yourself, where you need to get out of the (comfortable) zone, I’m very interested in the communal aspect by sharing a ride,” Farmer said.