, Jakarta -The emergence of motorcycle taxis and online taxis opens up vast employment opportunities for all those who have a vehicle. Some people become motorcycle taxi drivers or online taxis as the main job, some others make it a side job. Not infrequently the driver invites his service users to talk and motivate each other from the stories told.

An interesting story comes from the Twitter account @ mshkhb, an online taxi user who gets motivation from the taxi driver after using his services. Through a thread she made on Monday (9/09/2019), a regular user of an online taxi and motorcycle taxi named Mishka Husen Balfas who is usually called Mishka tells her story.

Pleasant Taxi Driver

twitter @mshkhb

twitter @mshkhb

On Monday (9/9/2019), Mishka along with three of her friends used an online taxi around 19:00. When getting into the car, Mishka claimed that the atmosphere in the car was different from usual online taxis. At that time Mishka sat in the front and two of her friends sat in the backseat.

When Mishka was about to put seat belt on, a taxi driver who was a man said that it was okay if Mishka didn’t put a seat belt on. But Mishka still has a seat belt.

“I will answer” for safety, sir, then the driver said “well that ‘s great I like it”, “Mishka wrote about the male taxi driver who answered it with half English.

Instantly this 21-year-old woman saw the online taxi driver as a cool and relaxed person. Yet according to Mishka, the taxi driver is quite old. The man wore a striped shirt, material trousers, and loafers. Clothing that Mishka thinks is rarely used by online taxi drivers.

Side Job As an Online Taxi Driver

Ilustrasi Taksi Online

From Mishka’s confession, this taxi driver often slipped English when speaking. She also joined the conversation with the man using English. Chat became fun in the car.

“Yes, while diving drinking water,” said the taxi driver from Bogor, quoted from the tweet @mshkhb.

Mishka realized that the taxi driver was doing this as a part-time job. It turned out that the man worked in the Cikarang area, and only worked as an online taxi driver to relieve stress from his work.

Motivating Words

instagram mishkabalfas
Portrait of Mishka Husen Balfas (source: instagram @mishkabalfas)

Hearing the driver’s story, Mishka, who had just graduated from college, was looking for a job immediately asked a man a job vacancy. Unexpectedly, she actually got motivational words.

“Just apply wherever and continue to apply, don’t mind your salary just build your own ‘ladder’,” said the man in English, then continued in Indonesian, “let’s just say you go up the first ladder, so don’t worry about what salary, stay focused first to find experience “.

twitter @mshkhb

twitter @mshkhb

Guess Salary

Ilustrasi Gaji

Then the man told Mishka and her friends to guess his salary with a gift not having to pay taxi fare. Unfortunately Mishka and her friends guessed wrong, and they were surprised when hear that the man’s salary was 3200 USD.

“If that’s 3200 usd in rupiah about 45 million a month !!! still grab y
because it’s refreshing, I’m stressed at work. he said “I am 9 years working in the company, my salary must increase annually, so people will pursue me because my work is good,” said the woman who graduated from International Relations.

Graduates of Australian Masters

twitter @mshkhb

twitter @mshkhb

This man is a graduate in Bandung and S2 in Australia with a scholarship for 2.5 years. According to Mishka, he was a very smart person. He continued to tell his story when looking for job in 1995.

“In 1995 I was here on Jalan Sudirman, it was rained at night with my dripping diploma, I walked on this road from morning to looking for job, every office I entered, for those of you who just graduated, don’t give up when you are looking for job, you know “The company needs you,” the man said in a mixture of English and Indonesian.

twitter @mshkhb

twitter @mshkhb

The man stressed to continue to look for experience when fresh out of college, do not think about salary. He is concerned with proving the performance he has and continues to apply for as many jobs as possible. The story and advice of an online taxi driver motivated Mishka who was looking for a job in the communications sector..

“Now I have a target, so I keep on applying it,” Mishka told Citizen6-Liputan6 via direct massege Twitter on Wednesday (11/09/2019),
“Because at this time our condition is still better, now from home you can apply for work, people used to visit for it, “