Using Illegal Taxis Passengers are not covered by insurance, Manto discloses the status of GoCar and GrabCar

PONTIANAK – The growth of minibus transports or taxis is now fairly rapid and becomes a citizen alternative to travel, but the growth is not all legal or official.

Many taxis or travel are illegal so they can harm the passengers if there is a road accident.

According to the Head of the Transportation Office of West Kalimantan, Manto is indeed not all taxis or minibuses with black plates that are illegal. There are also those who are legal and the plates remain black.

“So the taxis with black platters, many of them actually have legal status, because the regulation determines. Public transportation is not in the route, it could be the format is special rental transportation, online, then there is shuttle transportation,” said Manto when interviewed On Friday (7/19/2019).

If the shuttle taxi, he stressed that they were definitely using yellow plates, while online using black plates and taxis like Antya, Surya was indeed a black plate, including Dhaffin but they were official and legal.

Manto urged people who use transportation services to choose legal or legal entities.

For those who are not yet legal, they must immediately take care of the permit or join a cooperative that already has a permit, so it is legal.

“Choose a taxi that is legal if you want to travel, if they are not legal if there is an accident, the insurance cannot be covered, “said Manto.

He once spoke with the insurance company, is there a way to protect passengers in illegal taxis, but until now the regulation says there is none.

“So passengers who take illegal taxis will not be given insurance if there are any accidents. Even though our goal is to protect all the people but the mandate of the Act cannot,” he added.

So the public must use legal taxi transportation, not to use illegally. It is very dangerous and detrimental to itself.

Do not choose the wrong transportation for traveling, indeed it is currently admitted that many people use private vehicles to be used as taxis to carry passengers between regions, even though it can harm passengers if there is an accident and cannot be covered by insurance.

But in giving permission for the operation of taxis, Manto explained the Transportation Agency based on the results of a factor load survey conducted every year.

That is, if the load factor is low or few passengers, they cannot issue permits anymore.

“If we force it to add more permits and fewer passengers and too much transportation will be a loss too. We consider this factor very much, so if anyone wants to apply for permission we are very careful reading the results of the survey load factor,” he added.

Now this is said to be very widespread, because there are online and they are in the cooperative. Licensing uses cooperatives but the system is online in Jakarta.

“This online centered in Jakarta is like Gojek and Grab. We continue to work on how to intervene in the provincial government, regency and city for its supervision.
So far, monitoring online taxis is very difficult, they have never coordinated and submitted data to local governments, “he said.

Online taxis that do not report can damage the load of existing factors, even though the party wants to know how many vehicles operate for GrabCar under the banner of Grab and GoCar from Gojek in West Kalimantan.

“The last meeting with the central government is that there are instructions that they want to share data so that the regions can supervise,” he concluded.