Jakarta – Online taxis are now a new alternative choice for citizens in various parts of the world. The price of cars that are increasingly expensive and increasingly unreachable, makes people more comfortable to take an online taxi.

In America, for example, the average credit for new cars reached US $ 31,455 or equivalent to Rp. 437 million. The increase in credit numbers makes US citizens look for alternative transportation at a more affordable price.

One alternative is an online taxi. They do not need to set aside a large portion of their money for fuel, car service, and insurance. Just stay sweet and set aside we can get to the destination. Although online taxi rates can increase at certain times, but not as much as car maintenance costs.

Online taxis are increasingly popular, especially in big cities. In a study reported by Carscoops, Saturday (06/09/2018), said this online taxi has more affordable prices in at least five major US cities.

New York City is the most expensive city for someone to buy a car. On average, New Yorkers have to spend US $ 218 which is Rp. 3 million per week to cover fuel costs, services, and others. Meanwhile, if Otolovers lives there and takes an online taxi, the cost is cheaper around US $ 142 or Rp. 197 million.

Something similar also happened in the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Online taxi rides there are cheaper than owning a car. Not to mention the added cost of parking there, which is quite high.

Well, what do you think about it Otolovers ?, if in Indonesia it is cheaper to take a taxi online or have your own car?