Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After the online motorcycle taxi rules apply May 1, 2019, the rules for online taxis have also been started since June 1, 2019. This was confirmed by the Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi.

“If June 1 [stipulated] means that it is in effect. PM 118 does not respond again to PM 108 which has been annulled by the Constitutional Court so there is no obligation to test KIR. There is no sticker rule,” Budi Setiyadi told CNBC Indonesia, Wednesday (4/6 / 2019).

Here’s the new online taxi rule grid:

  • In PM 118 in 2018 it is stated that cars that can be used as online taxis must have a minimum cylinder capacity of 1,000 cc.
  • Operational areas are located in urban areas, from and to airports, ports or other transportation nodes.
  • The amount of freight rates will consist of indirect costs and direct costs. Guidelines for indirect costs and direct costs are determined by the Minister and the amount of these rates must be listed in the application.
  • There will be an upper limit and lower limit tariff. Applicators are prohibited from giving promotional rates below the predetermined lower limit.
  • The vehicle must use the white black base color plate according to the data in the application.
  • The vehicle must be equipped with a performance monitor for the driver who can record the speed of the vehicle and the driver’s behavior when operating.
  • There will be an online taxi quota limitation. This quota will be determined by the Minister or the Governor after a study has been conducted with stakeholders.
  • Online taxis must have an Indonesian legal entity.
  • The applicator must be an Indonesian legal entity and provide access to the Digital Dashboard to the Minister or Governor in accordance with the authority.
  • Applicators must have criteria for dealing with driver partner deactivation. Before the applicator’s suspend must notify or give a warning first.