BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, BANJARMASIN – Arya’s online taxi beating victim, still traumatized for a while he still limits himself if he wants to pick you up outside the airport.

According to him, when the incident occurred he had picked up outside the airport and away from the airport.

“So I am right at Indomaret. It is far away. But it has been explained that the limit is to the house of GM Angkasa Pura. So I am not guilty,” Arya said.

He explained, there were indeed beating cases witnessed by passengers but this problem was resolved in a family manner to not confuse the situation outside when it was chaotic and uncontrollable.

The chairman of the Banjar Taksi, Halim, thought that this was only a misunderstanding between the two drivers.

“There is no beating, this online taxi has also been dispersed,” he said.

But he regretted that online taxis were still entering the airport area even though in the agreement it had been conveyed that online taxis could not enter the airport area.

While taxi supervisor Kojatas, Rustam said the atmosphere was calm.

“They have disbanded and we have entered into an agreement to meet later Monday,” he said.

While the Angkasa Pura 1 GM Syamsudin Noor, Wahyudi said there was no beating. Just misunderstood.

“On Monday we will collect both online taxis and the airport to explain the applicable provisions,” he said.

In addition it will also be notified of limits on picking up passengers for online taxis in the Airport area.

As is known, there was a misunderstanding between the airport taxi and online at 10 am. Then in the afternoon online taxi drivers arrived and did a demo at the airport by parking the car on the airport road.