Gridhot.ID – A viral video circulating on Facebook’s social media was uploaded by the Barachella Kuekuatsheu account on Thursday (2/20/2020).

The video shows a police officer opening the way for an online motorcycle taxi.

Until Thursday (2/20/2020) at 13.45 WIB, the upload has been liked by more than 5,900 times and commented more than 900 times.

In the upload, Barachella Kuekuatsheu wrote “Sorry if there was something that was not pleasing to the incident this morning, it was not my intention to be inconsequential or because I was in a hurry … but because of the karma I brought a casualty victim (impromptu ambulance) Mr. Ari (police). “

Launch who contacted the Kasat Lantas Sleman Sleman AKP Mega Tetuko.

He said the police officers who appeared to be opening the road were members named Aipda Ari Setiya Wibawa.

Mega revealed, the incident occurred on Thursday (2/20/2020) around 07.00 WIB.

“That’s my member when escorting the online taxi car driver who brought the accident victim,” Mega said when contacted, Thursday (2/20/2020).

At first, continued Mega, Aipda Ari with one of her colleagues was doing morning service at the Kentungan Post.

Then, there are people who informed about the accident on the East Ring Road precisely in Gandok Hamlet, East Depok.

“Aipda Ari immediately came to the scene to see how the conditions are,” he explained.

Aipda Ari saat membuka jalan bagi mobil ojek online yang membawa korban kecelakaan
Aipda Ari when paving the way for an online taxi car carrying an accident victim

Furthermore, he said, the members together with the local residents did help.

The condition of the victim at that time could not be invited to communicate and was semi-conscious.

Not waiting for a long time, Aipda Ari immediately stopped the car that was later discovered was one of the online taxi cars to take the victim to Sardjito Hospital.

“Before looking for a car to transport the victim, Aipda Ari first secures the victim’s vehicle,” he explained.

After that, Mega added, Aipda Ari also helped oversee the online taxi car carrying the victim until arriving at Sardjito Hospital.

It is known, the victim is still a student at one of the state senior high schools in Yogyakarta.

Postingan akun Facebook Barachella Kuekuatsheu, Kamis (20/2/2020)
Postingan dari akun Facebook Barachella Kuekuatsheu, Kamis (20/2/2020)

“When he arrived at the hospital, he was immediately received at the emergency room, his parents were also contacted,” explained Mega.

However, when contacted by, the uploader of the video still did not respond.