TRIBUNJATENG.COM, BOGOR – An upload containing the story of an online taxi driver who claimed to get orders to deliver the body to a hospital in Cibinong, Bogor, viral on social media Facebook.

The story was uploaded by a Facebook account named Paichan through the Sahabat Grab Facebook group in Jakarta.

He said, he got an order with a pick-up point at a factory in Sentul.

Until this news was written, the upload was redistributed and received various comments by Warganet.

In the upload, the driver said that he was asked to take someone without any explanation from the customer.

Postingan akun Facebook Paichan mengenai orderan mayat di Bogor
Paichan’s Facebook account post about dead bodies in Bogor (Source for Facebook)

“During online 2 times I have to brought people like this 1. 4 months ago brought someone who was dying 2. this afternoon … a corpse,” he wrote at the end of the upload.

Responding to the upload, the Managing Director (Director) of Sentra Medika Hospital Cibinong, Bogor, Lanjar said, based on the results of investigations from RSMC officers, in the record there were no bodies delivered by online taxis for the past few days.

But, he said, between Monday (07/08/2019) and Friday (07/12/2019) there were two bodies that were ushered in a dying condition on the trip and died in hospital.

“The yesterday from Citeureup was a 72-year-old housewife, and a man aged 56 from the company but on Monday happened, and was taken from home by his friend,” Lanjar told, Saturday (7/13). 2019).

“If it was escorted by his friend because two days did not go to work, searched in his boarding house and then taken to the hospital it turned out that he had died, so what happened on Monday,” he continued.

He asserted, there were no bodies delivered by online taxis and that uploads on Facebook were not appropriate.

“There was indeed one yesterday and it was delivered by his family directly, so there was no one from the PT, so it didn’t match the viral one,” he said.

He hopes that the police conduct an investigation to reveal the true incident.

“So, we did not receive the dead body from the online driver and it could be asked by the online driver, investigated, because his identity must be there, and moreover he had become a corpse,” he said.

Police Conduct Investigation

Reported by from, Babakan Madang police officers, Bogor Regency, have conducted an investigation to identify the viral news. Later the investigation will also refer to the account owner’s name.

“We are coordinating about the mobile number that can be confirmed by the driver to be asked for further information, to confirm whether it is correct or hoax,” said Babakan Madang Police Chief, Commissioner Wawan Wahyudin, to on Saturday (7/13/2019).

In addition, his party has also conducted a search to the location to find the factory mentioned by the account.

“Our steps are to coordinate with other police officers to find the address (factory),” he explained.

According to him, if the driver accepts suspicious orders, you should immediately report to the local police.

“It shouldn’t be like that because there was an ambulance, if he knew it was a corpse, why would he want it and if there was suspicion so the police reported it was good,
ideally, it should be like that for a driver, “he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Babakan Madang Subdistrict, Yudi Santoso said, so far there is no factory name written by Paichan’s account.

“For PT Prista Sentul there is no one in the Sentul industrial area or outside, it has been looking for Babinsa, Babinmas, and none,” Yudi told

Previously, a viral upload contained an online taxi driver who claimed to have received an order to deliver the body to a hospital in Cibinong, Bogor.