TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Social media is enlivened by posts that show an online taxi with an unusual appearance.

Through the Twitter account @FrankyPaulus 86, there is a video showing inside an online taxi which has a cage that makes a barrier between the driver and the passenger.

Apparently the ‘anti-robbery’ taxi was located in Palembang, South Sumatra.

According to Franky when interviewed by Tribunnews, he told at first he is ordering an online taxi to go to the airport..

When the taxi arrived at his house, Franky was surprised. Inside the online taxi there is a barrier or cage that limits the driver and passengers.

Suddenly it sparked Franky’s curiosity about what he experienced when ordering and using the online taxi service.

“That was yesterday during a trip to the airport, my wife ordered a GoCar. when GoCar arrived at home, just when I was going to ride, I was surprised, ehh why there was a cage in the car, then I just kept going and then walked to the airport, “Franky said when interviewed by Tribunnews, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

When on the way to the airport, Franky curiously asked the online taxi driver and he recorded what he just discovered.

In a 2 minute 9 second video, Franky asked what is the motivation for installing a cage inside the online taxi car.

Valeri, the online taxi driver explained that the reason she installed a cage that limits the driver and passengers solely as a prevention and vigilance..

She explained that one day ago, on 11 November 2019, there was a robbery case experienced by an online taxi driver in Palembang.

Even Valeri in her statement said, in the robbery case experienced by fellow taxi drivers online has taken a toll.

“Yes, because in 2018 there have been five incidents, online taxi drivers have been killed. Some were robbed and killed, moreover yesterday there was a robbery case until the driver is injured due to being stabbed, so from that case I anticipate it with this way, “Valeri said in the video.

When Franky asked about where Valeri made the iron bars or cages, she answered in making it, Valeri look for welding workshops in Palembang city .

“So I went to the welding workshops, discuss it with the welder whether it’s possible or not, barrier or cage which has a special shape for inside the car, “Valeri said.

In her explanation, Valeri in making a barrier in her car it cost around Rp 700 thousand.

Her plan the barrier that is in Valeri’s car will still be added.

According to her the iron barrier is not yet fully finished, there are still many gaps that are still not closed.

However, when Franky was in the car, he said that the car remained comfortable and he did not feel disturbed by the barrier cage.

In a video that has been watched as many as 17 thousand, Franky revealed that he felt applauded by the efforts made by Valeri.

Besides Valeri is a woman who is an online taxi driver, he also feels Valeri’s efforts in preventing crime need to be appreciated.

Another interesting thing, Franky revealed that what he experienced was like getting into a cash delivery car that is usually used by banks

Franky told Tribunnews he took the video on November 12, 2019.