Palembang – Blackmail action against online taxi passengers in Palembang, South Sumatra, viral on social media. The perpetrators set a tariff of Rp 5,000 to all passengers.

In a video received by, Thursday (11/14/2019), the action took place not far from Kertapati Station on Jalan Ki Marogan, Palembang City. The man claimed to be named Erik.

Even, in the 57-second video, Erik expressly mentioned that he did not ask for money to the taxi driver online. This is because the online taxi driver refused to pay for parking.

“You stop! You are a Gocar. Not your money I asked. But the money from the passenger. I do not disturb the your money, the passenger must pay, “said the man.

Not only that, the man in the stripes explicitly mentioned that the rule has long been in force. In fact, he said, all online taxi drivers in that area is already know.

“This is the first time you entered, right? You can ask all of your friends they already know, “he said.

“My name is Erik, Sekta people (Polsekta) all of them already know. “With us safe here, if you have anything outside that is our business, my life is at stake, as long as not inside (the station),” said Erik.

After giving Rp 5,000, then the driver and passengers are allowed to leave the location. But some of the online taxi drivers admit that the action has been a long time.

“I’ve seen it, I’ve been asked to,” said an online taxi driver, Edianto, when met at the location on Thursday (11/14).

Edi admitted that the drivers in the area were quite upset. Because, the perpetrators always confessed to being backed by the police.

“He always mentioned the name of the police station, so yes, we just give it so that it won’t be noisy, “he said.