Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Netizens in the country are busy talking about the case of a Grab passenger who survived, because of the emergency button.

This case started with an online taxi driver who took his passenger around and away from the destination ordered. After that she presses the emergency button on the application that makes her safe from crime.

Then what is the emergency button?  It is an emergency feature that has been provided since May 2018. This feature registers three mobile numbers that will be contacted when a passenger is in an emergency.

Here’s how to use emergency botton, as reported by the Grab page:

1. Enter a contact, who will be contacted if there is an emergency.

To do this, tap Account and then select Emergency Contact. Then enter the mobile number to call if you press the emergency button in the Grab application.

2. Activate Emergency Button

This button will appear when you are on a trip. This button is above the application called “Emergency”. After you press this button continue to “Notify Emergency Contact”.

By pressing the button, Grab will send an SMS to the registered mobile number which contains a notification on your behalf. This SMS will contain a hyperlink to the trip details and the current passenger position.

Besides this feature, Grab also has other security features. Namely, Share My Ride, which is a feature that offers passengers the option to provide access for families or loved ones to track their GPS location directly and travel status. This feature is further enhanced by providing estimated arrival times, as well as driver partner details.

The next feature, Report a Safety Issue / Report Safety Issues is a feature that allows passengers to easily report safety problems, for example, driving unsafe, at any time in their trip so that Grab can take quick action against potential safety incidents.