YOGYAKARTA, Aksi help selflessly done by a person driver online in Yogyakarta reap the praise of netizens.

Taxi drivers online iis willing to return to the home passengers who are about 15 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta to restore the passenger cell phone that lag in his car.

The story begins when the owner of Facebook account Masy Hadi Urc write status in the group “Info Cegatan Jogja” about a taxi driver online, Go-Car.

According to her, driver it has been kind enough to return his cell phone left in the car. Hadi told, at that time he was using the services of Go-Car to go home to Bantul.

He did not realize that his cell phone was left in the car. He was surprised by the driver online is then back again to him to deliver the phone. Though the distance of his house with the location of the driver was already about 15 km

Hadi praised the action driver who is willing to go far back to deliver his cell phone and do not want to receive money reply services that he called professional money.

However, according to Hadi, the driver refused it subtly.

The professional money that was packed, when you paid the fare Go-car.When I take this phone not as a Go-car driver, but as someone you said earlier. Humans will be able to do anything, as long as can splice, gotong-royong, and tulung tinulung. And that I know, this device is very valuable to father and father’s humanitarian activities. Sorry I was able to open the phone to ensure that this is your father and not hp owned by others
,” Hadi quoted the driver as saying.

In addition to writing the status, Hadi also upload photos driver when he was beside his car because he forgot the name and phone number driver good hearted.

Hadi also confessed that the posts and photos were uploaded to spread the virtues of the online online driver so that it could inspire others.

This post is busy responded positively from netizens in the Facebook group. Until Wednesday (2/8/2017) at 10:37 pm, the post gets 1,500 comments and. reap up to 6,000 like.