A Facebook user named Angelique Angkuw shares a touching story. Angelique tells the story of an online taxi driver who is willing to deliver the body of her child, when all the drivers she ordered refused.

This story was experienced on Monday, 17 February 2020 at 17:30 WIB. At that time she and her husband wanted to bring the body of their child who died of illness at a hospital in East Jakarta.

Hospital staff offer several options. First using a private car, but Angelique and husband do not have a car. The second option is to use the hospital ambulance but at that time nothing was available. The third option uses DKI ambulances but they have to wait for a long time.

“Want to use DKI’s,  but it has to wait and come for a long time. Using private is expensive. Maybe my husband thinks, if we use the DKI , how long will it take to arrive at home? And I think, there is no need to use an ambulance because the body is a baby, so my husband decided to use Go Car, “Angelique said when contacted by Kumparan, Monday (24/2)

Angelique’s husband then ordered an online taxi, but it is always rejected on the grounds that the driver is not willing to transport the body. “There were several times we got it, and several times we asked to be canceled, knowing we wanted to bring the body,” she said.

Angelique, who heard the online taxi driver’s refusal, admitted that she was sad. Finally she prayed that the next driver would take her order.

“I pray, O God, this is the last Go Car message, please help this person accept us, who are carrying the body of our children,” she said.

Shortly after that came the car they ordered. At that time the hospital officer told the driver that he would bring the baby’s body and given a letter of introduction if there is an inspection on the highway. Sure enough, the driver this time wanted to take Angelique and her baby’s body.

“Along the way I carried my child’s body and along the way I cried without stopping. Drivers chatted with my husband, I said nothing while crying,” she said.

When they arrived at their destination, Angelique’s husband offered him Rp100,000, a trip fee of Rp.66,000. But the driver named Weimpy Sulendra refused the payment.

“The same driver was rejected as he said” No need sir, oiya, I left, while handing a red sheet of money to buy rose water.

Angelique and her husband were deeply moved. They could only pray that Weimpy would be rewarded with abundant fortune. “Thank you very much you Mr. driver for helping us, hope it continues smoothly. The driver said “yes ma’am, it’s easy, there must be a replacement,” he said.