Jakarta – The story of Hartono, a conventional motorcycle taxi driver waiting for passengers in one of Jakarta’s malls, so the spotlight some time ago. At the age of 63, he still mocked and competed with online motorcycle taxi drivers.

Hartono only with Honda Astrea motorcycle output 1997 to earn a living. From his residence in the Cengkareng area, West Jakarta, Hartono traveled around Jakarta to get passengers.

In a viral posting on social media, Hartono appeared to be waiting for passengers at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Viral The Story of Mr. Hartono The Tukang Ojek, Now Condition It Now Post about Pak Hartono the motorcycle taxi driver. (Photo: courtesy)

At the age that is no longer young, it is difficult for Hartono to register as an ojek online. Hartono’s story inspires netizens to move to collect donations.

Through kitabisa.com, a campaigner, Tiara, invites netizens to share help Hartono.

“Mr. Hartono is the head of a family who still has to support one wife and three children who are still in high school and junior high school.As an extra backbone, his wife helped finance the family by selling donuts.San Hartono original Cepu (CMIIW) Central Java, but has lived in Jakarta over the past 30 years, “Tiara wrote in kitabisa.com.

Posting in November 2017 it was successful to collect donations for Hartono. Collected Rp 73,785,623 from the target Rp 50 million.

“By the ACT team, the funds will be used for four focuses: Health Insurance Fund, Child Education Fund, Business Development Fund, Mr. Hartono’s household logistics needs and family, all funds collected amounted to Rp 73,785,623, administration by Kitabisa of 5%, then the funds submitted to Pak Hartono through ACT amounted to Rp 70,096,755, “wrote the last post.

Apparently, the viral story in November 2017 was re-emerged today. IG story screenshot that tells the story of Pak Hartono much commented on netizens. There are sympathizers want to help, there is also a telling about the collection of donations in kitabisa last November.

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This photo of the cave can be from FB, and it is true that I often meet this father in front of GI if I want to pick up passengers. Help share ya friends.

AFP then contacted Hartono to inquire about his current condition. He said he was still mocking for the sake of supporting the family.

“Still (ngojek), I used to wear for business and school children, but it used to be a lot,” said Hartono when contacted on Monday (29/1/2018).

Hartono explained, the money is used to meet daily needs. In addition, he used it to fix his damaged house. Hartono also bought used motorcycles for his mocking purposes.

“The ceiling of my house is a lot of termites and big potholes, fractures, fingerprints are damaged too many rats so that the washing machine is also damaged I also fix toilet and unload toilet to floor My Astrea Motor also down the machine and I buy used Honda Supra Fit, “Hartono said.
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Source Niken Purnamasari – detikNews