She is CMO CoFounder in PT. Frasindo Lima Mandiri, she was born in Bogor 1985,  Formidable entrepreneurs with strong experience in retail, wholesale, and F&B, also as an “out of the box” thinker, she will handle all about product of real items, creation and selling. Preparing as the Fras’s Child-Project upcoming

She is expert in business advisory often interrupt and change the flow of the business discussion into the better solution and far better future. When she work, she is very workaholic, can even sleep anywhere instantly, even on the floor; we are amaze by her working spirit.

She build the retail business supporting the frasindo, and think about the concept in integrating FRAS COIN into the retail, while the FRAS COIN is an asset/token. “The Sisa Ekspor Sale by thebrashop” is her legacy that she build for more than 10years (since 2007), and whats interesting is the sales LIVE and very unique. With her full support to the frasindo, we feel the frasindo and all upcoming child-project could thrive.

She is also the only initial Core-team that always treat other humans in very gentle, care and never stop to remind all the other to never stop our boundaries with people’s rights. Often do charity in her own style, such as distribute free rise and groceries, but the amount is many. Other member will completes her, to stop when she is over-helping. Her way of thinking is similar the Fras Ambassador Mr.Artur Stanek.