Mobile Legends has just arrived a new hero in an advanced server named Gossen. Funny thing is, netizens then make this memo hero with the look of drivers ojek online because its name is similar to one of its service.

This meme was spanked by Instagram mobilelegendszdesign account shortly after Gossen’s hero was released in advanced server. As you can see from the picture above, Gossen is wearing a Go-Jek jacket, complete with his helmet.

His name was spoofed into Go-Send. Instead of dagger (dagger) that he holds, Gossen even carry the package in his right hand. This is because the Go-Send is an online ojek service that delivers packages or goods.

This meme post, from watch detikINET, Saturday (6/1/2018), has invited hundreds of comments on Instagram mobilelegendszdesign account. Most of the netizen comments are comforted by this meme.
When Driver Go-Send So Hero Mobile Legends

Ketika Driver Go-Send Jadi Hero Mobile Legends

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Gossen is now available on advanced servers with the official price of 32,000 battle points or 599 diamonds (currently 30% discount). This Hero was included in the Assassin classification.

This hero, like most opinions has a combined game style between Hayabusa and Lancelot. He can throw five daggers at once and also can perform teleport attacks. (mag / fyk)