The hype of Bitcoin is still irresistible regardless of the controversy. As may have heard of, Bitcoin is a digital currency that it works using a cryptographic system which uses a unique code in transaction. Bitcoin are not specified to any country, central bank, or subject to regulation as other currencies. Bitcoin are transferred directly from person to person. Bitcoin is obtained by solving a system algorithm and obtained through the mining process. Despite all the benefits that Bitcoin has, there are still downsides making it far more risky

Why you should choose Fras Coin over Bitcoin

  1. Anonymity

Bitcoin is used anonymously, the process does not require of the user identity. That’s why the system works using cryptographic which unique codes used to code when there is a transaction so that is no case of falsification of data. The code can only be created from users who want to send bitcoin. For some parties, this may not look so convincing. Instead, people tend to think that it is very dicieving or even not real.

Fras Coin, however, offers  more transparency and real people with their real name. Frasindo wants to make sure that all the people behind its company are held accountable for giving the best and secured services to any project being dealt with or prospective project and investors.

  1. Protection

Protection is the most essential element in conducting online–based business. Bitcoin is not fully protected. Bitcoin allows you to send the coin without any third party involved and it is called decentralized currency. By being a decentralized currency, no government, organization, or even individual and community has any authority over bitcoin.  Which means you can basically spend bitcoin everywhere, anywhere, anytime as long as the place that you are going to accept the currency as a payment. Although because of the lack of limitation and regulations of the use itself some countries are wary about bitcoin, some big countries such as China and Japan have accepted bitcoin as one of the currency.

Without having governmental or legal protection, every transaction conducted will be far more risky. Unlike bitcoin, Fras coin is fully protected and under the official regulation. Furthermore, it provides a very advanced security system for every coin holder without expectation and differentiation. The assets are self-owned and also certified. This is what makes the coin holders can take any misconduct performed into the law.