Jakarta – In 9 points draft new rules that revise Permenhub 26/2017, one of which discusses related limits of the area of ​​online taxi operations. For example, an online taxi plated ‘B’, may not operate outside Jabotabek.

What is the reason?

Director of Multimodal Transportation at the Directorate General of Land Transportation, Cucu Mulyana, said that regional arrangements should be made to create an orderly and smooth transportation climate.

“If it is not regulated, it could be that the potential of very high specific rental vehicles in Jakarta is the cars from other regions, such as Lampung, Palembang, Karawang, Cirebon, operating in Jakarta,” he said in a discussion themed Polemic Discussion of Online Transportation Regulations organized by AFP in Jakarta, Wednesday (25/10/2017).

If so, then the condition of transportation and traffic can be more dense in every region. However, if the operation area is set, then it is not possible.

“If it is not regulated, the vehicles will continue to grow every day, of course, the traffic space vehicles will become higher,” he said.

However, Cucu said, if the operational area is set, but the vehicle from the online taxes continues to grow, meaning that the rule is still not perfect. Therefore, the government also regulates online taxi quota in each region.

Setting the quota can also suppress the increasingly fierce online taxi competition.

“So the quota restriction is a necessity that we need to set,” he concluded.