SIDOARJO, – Kartono alias Mones (34), a resident of Porong Village, Porong District, Sidoarjo District, East Java, was arrested by the Sidoarjo Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim). Because of escaping the car belonging to Farid Santoso (61) an online driver from the residents of Sidokerto Village, Buduran District, Sidoarjo.

Head of Sidoarjo Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Kompol Muhammad Harris said, the incident began when the perpetrators ordered a grab. After being picked up in the area of ​​Sidoarjo Square, the perpetrators asked to be taken to the Bhayangkara Hospital, Pusdik Gasum, District of Porong, Sidoarjo, reasoning to take the blood of the perpetrators of crime.

“When on the trip, the perpetrator claimed to be a member of the police while putting a handcuff on the dashboard of the car,” said Sidoarjo Police Criminal Investigator, Kompol Muhammad Harris, Thursday (11/29/2018).

Arriving at the Bhayangkara Hospital, Pusdik Gasum Porong, the perpetrator who was a recidivist on theft and embezzlement and was sentenced to 1 year and 4 months imprisonment, invited victims around the hospital until they finally stopped and ate in the hospital canteen.

“When sitting in a canteen, the perpetrators began to launch the action, namely borrowing the car keys by reason of taking the handcuffs on the dashboard and immediately escaping the car,” he said.

Harris added that everything was planned by the perpetrators from the start. He ordered a grab to go to the Pusdik Gasum Hospital because the perpetrators knew that the hospital was a police hospital. “The aim to go to the hospital was to convince the victims, especially when it was the first time, he claimed to be a police officer and showed off handcuffs,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the case was revealed after the victim reported. Immediately, the officer immediately carried out an investigation and the perpetrator was arrested in the area of ​​Porong Village, Porong District, Sidoarjo where he lived. “We successfully secured the perpetrators at his house,” he said.

In addition to securing the perpetrators, the officers also managed to secure two cellphones, one shirt, belt, shoes and a handcuff. “The stolen car has been sold by the perpetrator for Rp. 20 million. Now to look for the existence of the car, we are still making further investigations, “Harris said.

To the officers, the perpetrators who worked odd jobs admitted that the money from the sale of the car was used to pay off debts and spree. “The perpetrators were snared article 378 and or 372 of the Criminal Code concerning embezzlement with a maximum imprisonment of 4 years imprisonment,” he concluded.