Yogyakarta – Raid against online taxis operating in DIY again held this January. Raids conducted by the Department of Transportation and the police. Online taxes that do not meet the requirements will be dealt with without stickers and test kir.

Dirlantas Polda DIY, Kombes Pol. Latif Usman said the razai will be conducted together with the Department of Transportation of DIY. The Transportation Department will deal with the licensing of temporary permits related to traffic order. Police will drive an online taxi vehicle that does not match the traffic requirement.

“If the issue of licensing we submit to the Department of Transportation, the problem of traffic signs yes I got a ticket.There must ketentuanya KIR, SIM should be public, there stickers, the provision that there are 9 must be filled all,” said Latif Usman after attending a meeting in Parliament DIY , Monday (8/1/2017).

Chairman of the commission A of Parliament DIY, Eko Suwanto said to solve this problem there must be a dialogue process between the entrepreneurs both online and conventional taxis. The local government of DIY should facilitate the dialogue process. Because during this new meeting between the driver has not reached the entrepreneur.

“The driver with the driver, the entrepreneur must meet, who is the online operator or management must meet with the management of the online taxi, not just the driver.The local government should bridge the conventional online taxi entrepreneurs for dialogue,” said Eko Suwanto.

Previously, Head of Department of Transportation DIY, Sigit Sapto Raharjo said this January DIY Transportation Department and the police will re-conduct raids to curb the taxi online. The action will be taken by the police in accordance with the Ministerial Regulation 108.

“Raids we will check between passengers with the driver will be plasticity, we do not know online or not,” said Sigit.

According to him until now there are only 6 groups or about 50-60 taxis online that register. So how many needs can not be known. Therefore, the Governor of Yogyakarta can not issue SK.

“Look at the need first, so the first coordination with the taxi operator we refer to the 108th candy,” said Sigit.
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Source Edzan Raharjo – detikNews