Jakarta – The development of online taxis is not profitable for rental or car rental businesses, especially for the homecoming period. Because, the presence of online taxis makes rental cars no longer in demand.

Tasikun, a car rental businessman in Cililitan Jakarta said, the development of online taxis made people tend to buy their own cars. So, they no longer rent for mudik.

“Formerly who did not have a car, now they can use it themselves,” he said to detikFinance in Cililitan Jakarta, Wednesday (06/06/2018).

In addition, he said, people tend to use public transportation back to their hometown. At home, they can rent taxis online to travel.

He said, currently there are 10 cars for rent. Meanwhile, only 2 cars have been ordered for homecoming.

“If it used to be less than a month, it was finished, I was in my 20s, it was sold out. Buy a house and rent it. In this fasting month there are no cars rented,” he explained.

Similarly, Nurkip also said so. This car rental business actor said, online taxis make the rental business unsold.

“Now it’s a little 8 cars, it’s been a little, it’s not like it used to be. It’s not like before there was Grab,” he said.

He said, of the 8 new cars 2 cars were ordered for homecoming. In fact, he said he had 80 cars.

“The year 2015 is still good, there is no Grab yet. 2015 is still a lot of cars, around 80, almost 100. Now it’s returned to its leasing, we can’t afford to pay. The car doesn’t go around,” he concluded.