Jakarta – After individual consumers, Chinese producers, Wuling, are currently claiming to be exploring fleet markets or fleets for Confero.

Wuling said Confero S is currently being ogled by some companies that intend to buy it. But there is no decision yet, still in the discussion phase.

“Confero some in the actual discussion process, because if the fleet market is a spek it or what should be discussed again so it is, some sih like travel companies, taxis there are online there is also the usual, it is indeed on discussion but there is no agreement, “he said when met detikOto.

“The stage runs from 2017, still in the discussion phase,” added Dian.

Not just a private company that has been looking at Confero S to be encouraged, from government agencies Dian said, there are already intending to make the first product Wuling.

“From the government, the government actually, so there are some for operational vehicles, some agencies,” he said.

But once again Dian confirmed, it is still in the process of discussion, has not been completed. In addition, continued Dian explained, in addition to individual consumer market Wuling see fleet market is also quite tempting.

“Okay, if the market itself fleet marketnya too big yes, with it also consumers can know, can feel directly is proving itself is actually our product in durability like what,” he concluded.

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Source Khairul Imam Ghozali – detikOto