– Online plots of robber robbers arrested by Medan Polrestabes. The perpetrators used fake police mode and used young women’s bait.

The suspects were arrested after police investigated the robbery experienced by Mikhael Sihotang (29), a resident of Jalan Harmonika Baru Gang Intan, Medan Selayang. This online taxi driver was robbed at Hawai Hotel, Jalan Jamin Ginting, Medan, Tuesday (9/10) at around 02.00 WIB.

“What we have secured are three main perpetrators and a receptor, while the 2 perpetrators are fugitive,” said Head of Medan Reskrim Polrestabes, AKBP Putu Yudha Prawira, Friday (26/10).

Suspects who have been arrested respectively: Auryn Keneysia (23), resident of Jalan Damar 16, Perumnas Simalingkar / Jalan Bilal Ujung Gang Bakti, Medan; Budi Hardi aka Budi (33), resident of Jalan Persatuan Kompleka Lizia Garden III, Medan; Alvy Sahrin alias Alvi (27), resident of Jalan Jemadi Gang Kelapa Dua, Pulo Brayan, Medan, and Nurhayani aka Naya (32), a resident of Jalan Pemasyarakatan, Tanjung Gusta, Deli Serdang.

While two people were included in the People Search List (DPO) namely As (50), residents around Jalan Sei Kera, and FE (45), residents around Jalan Helvetia.

In its action, the six suspects have their respective roles. Auryn acts to invite or provoke victims. Budi who is the brain of the perpetrator claimed to be a member of the police and planned to commit theft and robbery belonging to the victim.

He also brought a car as a tool used to carry out robberies and also pointed a gun in the form of a gun towards the victim.

Alvy also claimed to be a police officer and beat the victim and then collected all the belongings of the victim. Whereas Nurhayani helped sell the robbery cars.

While the As is in charge of observing and watching the situation around the scene. He also gave orders to other suspects and threatened the victims. The FE also claimed to be a police officer and examined all of the victims ‘belongings, both in their clothing bags and victims’ items inside the Hawaiian Hotel.

Before carrying out a robbery, the perpetrators fed Auryn. This young woman ordered an online taxi on Monday afternoon (8/10). She hitched a vehicle driven by Michael from Simalingkar to Pancurbatu prison.

On the way, Auryn stated that he would order Mikhael’s online taxi without using the application. Sure enough, on Wednesday (9/10) she asked to be picked up by the Cemara Hotel, Jalan Jamin Ginting.

After meeting, they finally went to the Hawaiian Hotel, Jalan Jamin Ginting. After they arrived at the hotel room, 4 men claimed that the police had come and brandished their weapons.

One of the men immediately hit Michael’s lips and yelled at him. The man was accused of using drugs.

Next, Michael was handcuffed and carried around in a car. He was asked for some money if he did not want to be imprisoned.

Finally Michael was taken to the Milala Hotel, Jalan Binjai. He was held there, while Datsun Go’s car, cellphone, and wallet containing Rp. 500,000 in cash, an ATM card and an important card belonging to the victim had changed hands from the Hawaiian Hotel.

When the perpetrator fell asleep at the Milala Hotel, Michael escaped. He then reported to the Medan Polrestabes.

The case was also investigated. The perpetrators were arrested on Wednesday (24/10). They are detained and are still under investigation for development.

“Based on the statement of the perpetrators, they have acted 50 times with the same modus operandi,” said Putu.

The suspects were charged with Article 365 jo 480 of the Criminal Code. They face a maximum sentence of 9 years in prison.