ALL our valuable partners will always be presents here, and be prioritized, our deepest gratitude to the partners for giving us the opportunity to be trusted, and be invited to move forward together. Our existence is small but the trust level can be checked directly. Thank You for kind support from partners.

Uber is the biggest and most affordable car rental service in Indonesia. Their professionalism and exceptional customer service team have inspired us to take a step back, look at ourselves and assess how we operate as a transportation company before moving on to the next stage of our development; always ensuring that no matter how much we expand, our core values of passion, pride, and, commitment to the customer always remain intact.

Grab launched a ‘Grab 4 Indonesia’ 2020 master plan {White Paper, Page 39}. In the Whitepaper, ‘Grab’ states that they wish to work in conjunction with Indonesia’s aim of becoming Southeast Asia’s largest digital economy by 2020. Under the plan, ‘Grab’ gradually invest $700,000,000 into the Indonesian market over the course of the next four years. ‘Grab’ is also in buying Indonesian based ‘O2O payments’ start up ‘Kudo’, in a deal which will amount to $100,000,000.

GoCar is a subsidiary company by Go-Jek, and it is Unicorn Company in Indonesia. While Go-Jek focus on its Motorcycle armada, GoCar is for the Taxi. Frasindo is became one of supplier for Online Taxi, we contribute with drivers registration and provide the car to work and support GoCar. In terms of drivers and partner welfare, GoCar is the most loved by the drivers, and its backend access given to the Partner Rental is very easy to use and provide safety. is the partner of Stellar Foundation, the project is owned by PT.Frasindo Lima Mandiri. is a non-profit company that connects individuals to low cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential. As a humanitarian activist, we have the same goal to Fight and Help Ending Poverty. By giving FREE COINS through we do our charity work, helping to build communities and assisting any individuals in becoming educated in blockchain technology. has revolutionised the financial technology industry and crowdfunding industry by providing not only the ground-breaking NXT Cryptocurrency, but also a powerful and modular toolset which NXT users can build with, in whichever way they see fit. NXT gives users complete freedom to create their own applications. Frasindo(san2ok) is the Annual+ Supporter of the NXT Foundation.


Evolution of NXT, Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt through the use of child-chains. Since all processing will be done on the Ardor main-chain, child-chain creators won’t need to worry about common issues when creating a blockchain as well as securing it with enough nodes. Frasindo will be focusing its projects on ARDOR IGNIS.

Ignis is the first child-chain on Ardor Blockchain – Building the future with proven Nxt technology. FRAS COIN and all upcoming project of Frasindo will be build along side with IGNIS. This child-chain is act as a native currency on Ardor network, to differentiate between both, Ardor can only be used to forging and securing the networks, while IGNIS can do every Nxt feature and much more.

Finance with a mission to expand financial access and literacy worldwide. is a nonprofit that connects people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential. It’s a common financial platform, designed to be open and accessible to everyone. Just as the internet allowed anyone to send an email or create a blog, Stellar It allows you to easily send, save, +receive money, low fees, no hassle. Frasindo support its vision.

Promoting Ardor and NXT Blockchain Technology, Frasindo is official business member of The Ardor and Nxt Group (ANG), it’s an initiative to better allow community to participate in the growth of the Nxt & Ardor ecosystem as well as to provide businesses, projects, and organizations, a platform to gain wider visibility as well as collaborative opportunities with others.

MIB COIN is a Korean blockchain projects which allows mining via smartphone, and Frasindo are in partnership with to provide stable Masternode for Indonesia and Asia region; With the Pool Settings at and the pool stats at With this partnership, Frasindo could provide % Monthly Reward in the form of Lottery from the 1% Pool Fee to FRAS holders.

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As the Child-Project of FRAS COIN, is one of the largest Stellar Lumens Forum in the stellar blockchain ecosystem, being acknowledged by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) as contributor of stellar ecosystem and its function to guide and tutor newcomers. Per 25 December 2017 granting to be 5x winner of Stellar Build Challenge. 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x

VenomRX been officially partnered with PT.Frasindo Lima Mandiri since 2014, the trust and support given by VenomRX is incredibly important to us, Frasindo has been given the freedom to purchase any of its products with payment is a 1 month after purchase. In which supplies our offices with all the computer and server hardware we need.

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PT.Agra Multi Niaga is the sister company of PT.Frasindo Lima Mandiri which was founded by the same group of individuals and was initially funded by 36 investors, Agra’s current project focus is funding and property finances with asset certificate as collateral. Agra and Frasindo are currently in tandem, learning new business model, and supporting each other.

In same relationship to VenomRX and Asiaraya who’s products ranging from software to hardware. They are the sole distributor of many products, such as the ZOTAC PC-Box, the ADATA memory card. Since 2014, PT.Asiaraya has supported Frasindo through its products and 2-months payment tempo. This partnership will be extremely valuable for Frasindo’s roadmap expansion plan.

Tokensuite help to push press releases, list websites and manage bounty campaigns. Tokensuite provide advisory support for Frasindo in many ways, be it handling public relations or sharing their five years blockchain experience with us. Ranging from adoptability of a concept, getting in contact with market makers, to adjusting ideas to fit into the blockchain platform.

An ANCHOR or GATEWAY, that is build using Stellar Lumens, is a child-project of Frasindo. We aim for it to be an ICO in the near future. CoinRupiah accepts cryptocurrency transactions and converts them to IDR Fiat-Currency (Indonesian Rupiah) via bank transfers. It also alows a FRAS COIN SWAP on multi-blockchain platforms. Backed by PT.Frasindo Lima Mandiri, CoinRupiah is fully regulated.

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More items will be listed, as stated throughout the Frasindo roadmap expansion plan.